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Opening Oysters

1. Scrub any grit and sand off the oyster. Wrap one hand in a tea towell and hold the oyster in it, with the bowl shape underneath and the flatter shell on top. Take the oyster knife or small, thick bladed knife in your other hand.Push the point of the knife into the hinge of the oyster, located at the narrowest point.

2. Work the knife forwards and backwards between the two halves of the shell to break the hinge. As the hinge breaks twist the point of the knife to lever the top shell upwards.

3. Now slide the knife under the top shell to sever the ligament that joins the oyster to the shell.The ligament is slightly right of centre in the shell. Lift of the top shell, trying not to let any fragments fall onto the oyster and keeping the bottom shell upright so as not to lose any juice.Then pick out any pieces of shell that might of broken off into the oyster.

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