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Preparing Squid

1. Grasp the head in one hand and the body in the other. Gently pull the head and it should come away easily.Take the milky white intestines with you. You may like to ratain the ink sac which will be in the intestines – it will be pearly white in colour with a slight blue tinge.

2.Cut of the tenticles from the head, then discard the head.Squeeze out the beek like mouth from the centre of the tenticles, cut it off and discard.The tenticles can either be separated or left intact if very small.

3. Reach into the body and pull out the plastic -like quill and the soft white roe if there is any

4. Pull off the two fins from either side of the body pouch. Then pull away the purple, semi transparent skin from both the body and the fins.Wash the pouch out with water. If the pouch is too long and narrow for you to reach right down inside, cut of the very tip and then wash it out with running water squeezing out any residue as you go.

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